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This is a service that offers guests the possibility to relax and rest, while allowing them to have fun like a rock star, since it has the possibility of accessing the entire Rock Spa treatment package, which includes, really amazing tours, beauty salon, special dinners, world class golf … make this service an event of unlimited seats to enjoy the stay at the Hard Rock Punta Cana.

The spa service can be occupied by the guest all day every day at their preference, where you can enjoy the most extensive hydrotherapy facilities in the Caribbean, steam room, sauna, steam room and mud, 54 dedicated cabins to massages and diversity of treatments, showers of sensation type, hot tubs, ice room, all this and much more in about 65,000 square feet of luxury.

With respect to the tours offered, the guest can find snorkeling and swimming with dolphins, a wide variety of sports and water games, enjoy the innovative design of Slingshot de Polaris on the beach of Macao, horseback riding on the beach, sailing along the coast of Bavaro in a fun catamaran, extreme adventure in the tropical mountains and the Anamuya river, as well as a fun cultural trip to the heart of La Romana that remains in the Altos de Chavón.

Among the other options offered by the service, there are unlimited spaces to enjoy the services of beauty salon, photography packages in the Rock Shot, special events and romantic dinners, as well as the guarantee of choice of select products to take away Home and remember.

A package that offers the guest a whole event of adventures and emotions, where they will make their stay in the hotel a time of joy and total fun, where there will be no room for boredom and laments, much less for worries.

The Hard Rock Hotel Punta Cana, what you are looking for is to offer life, life and more life, it is an elixir of total and just rejuvenation, and that is precisely this package that is offered in total confidence to our best guests, the idea is to create a space for happiness, where each member feels as if he were worthy exponent of royalty.

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